Surreal Art for Surreal Times

The Salvador Dalí Collection

Pamela Walsh Gallery is proud to present Surreal Art for Surreal Times: The Salvador Dali Collection, a curated selection of art by one of the masters of the 20th century. Known for his peculiar imagery and bizarre juxtapositions, Dali created a world that existed somewhere between reality and dreams. He was fascinated with the subconscious mind, futuristic innovations and altered-dimensions. His imagination was ignited by science, religion, music and literature, which were themes he interwove with surrealistic motifs such as melting clocks, ants, and bifurcated crutches. His art work, profound and advanced, continues to captivate our attention more than a century later. This timely collection surveys some of his iconic and entertaining explorations of Surrealism. Now more than ever, the idea of the dream world colliding with the physical world gives us reason to examine this provocateur’s work with new eyes and a fresh perspective. Allow us to take you on a journey through our new virtual gallery and the wonderful world of Salvador Dali.

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Virtual Gallery designed by Priscilla Auyeung  /  Hosted by Artsteps