Mirror II (detail), 2018, mixed media on paper, 80 x 56 in.
Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, born in Yereven, Armenia,  currently lives and works in New York City.  Identified as a virtuoso painter at an early age, 100 of his childhood paintings were selected for a solo exhibition when he was only ten years old. Critically acclaimed, the exhibition traveled from Armenia to the United States, Russia, Japan and Spain. As a young man, he left home for Europe to continue his artistic studies at the Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais in Switzerland, earning a BFA and MFA in painting. Following in the footsteps of artists working in a hyper-realistic style like Chuck Close, Robert Bechtle and Richard Estes, Tigran is known for his oil paintings which often evoke the illusion of photography. He uses these complex images to make us look not only at ourselves, but also at social media and its influence on empathy, intimacy and relationships. Tigran says he creates his works of art to expose, “the identity of contemporary man in the era of cultural globalization, technological revolution and biological distortion”. 

“Tigran's portraits are brilliantly executed, a synthesis of what has been called clinical realism and existential realism, and as such scientifically objective and profoundly humanist. Beauty is never as "excellent" or perfect as it seems to be at first glance. More directly to the point, his paintings aesthetically convey the enigma of the eternal feminine…” ~ Donald Kuspit 

Our fascination with self-reflection is captured in Tigran’s work. His images of Mirrors suggest a close examination of self, and yet the hands held to the face shield the subject from outright exposure.  We may not realize it, but there is significant transparency in an online profile – individuals readily offer the particulars of their lives up to the larger community.  We see the faces of Tigran’s subjects through the screen of their hands, just as we connect with people through the filter of the computer’s screen. Tigran’s practice is a marriage of technology with the oil painting techniques of the old-masters, creating portraits that are both stunning and haunting


1976    b. Yerevan, Armenia,

Lives/works in New York, NY


1999     Yerevan Academy of Art
2002     B.F.A. Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais
2009     M.F.A. Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais 


2019     Mirrors Re-imagined, Fremin Gallery, New York, NY
2018     Uncanny, Allouche Gallery, New York, NY
2017     Mirror Metamorphosis, 77 Gallery, Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey
2015     Mirrors Cafesjian, Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan, Armenia Armenian Cultural Days, Carlton,

             Cannes, France
2014     Millennium, Gallery Valentine, East Hamptons, NY
2013     Reflections, Arcature Fine Art, Palm Beach, FL
2011     Censored, Foundation Valette, Martigny, Switzerland
2007     Reflections, Cultural Center Vidondee, Riddes, Switzerland
2006     Crowd Landscapes, Artefiz Kunsthalle, Zurich, Switzerland
2005     Secondo, Forum d’Art Contemporain, Sierre, Switzerland
2003     Unfinished, Fabienne B. Gallery, Sion, Switzerland
2001     Untitled, Underground Gallery, Dijon, France
1999     Two Dimensions, Verbie International Music Festival, Verbier, Switzerland
1998     Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia



National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia Children Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia
Forum of Contemporary Art, Sion, Switzerland
Valette Foundation, Martigny, Switzerland Vidondée Foundation, Riddes, Switzerland


2018     American Mirror, Optimum Films, New York, NY
1990     Bless Him Virgin Mary, Yerevan Films, Yerevan, Armenia
1989     Tigran, Armenfilm, Yerevan, Armenia


Art on Paper, Sponder Gallery, New York, NY
Art Wynwood, Sponder Gallery, Miami, FL
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, West Palm Beach, FL

Art Miami, Sponder Gallery, New York, NY
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Scope Miami, Vogelsang Gallery, Miami, FL
Contemporary Istanbul, 77 Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
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